Thermal Metal Spraying

Thermal metal spraying is applying various coatings onto a substrate by using flame spray or arc spray.

Gardwell's operators are qualified to ISO standard of metal spraying and are pre qualified to Norsok M501 and various other client thermal spray systems.

Within the offshore industry Thermal spray Aluminium is the most common and onshore Thermal spray zinc. For architectural and specialised work copper, bronze, chrome and other metals can be applied using our specialised equipment.

Corrosion protection, whether cathodic or barrier, can ensure the product metal sprayed could potentially last for decades whether on shore or sub sea.

Wet spray seals or full coating systems can be applied over the top of metal sprayed work.

Metal spray is used throughout all industries in high temperature environments. It is also used in the architectural industry to ensure steel fabrications perform and coating longevity is increased.

Metal spray can outperform traditional hot dip zinc galvanising in both anti corrosion, adhesion for further coatings, cosmetic appearance, price, and size of structure or weight.