Passive Fire Protection

Chartek is the world’s first epoxy intumescent coating that provides passive fire protection, jet fire resistance and long term in-field performance. It sets the bar for intumescent coating and is manufactured to the same exacting standards across the world. It is set to the Norsok M501 and ISO 22899 jet fire standard. With its carbon fibre mesh that provides reinforcement to the char formed during jet fire exposure, it is designed to form in these scenarios while also offering long term corrosion protection, maximising the life of oil and gas assets. Please see below for the range of Chartek products.

Product Name Description Features / Benefits
Chartek 7E Chartek 7E is based on the tried and tested Chartek 7 technology platform. A high build, two pack epoxy intumescent material, Chartek 7E provides excellent durability with combined corrosion, pool and jet fire protection. Using patented char stabilisation technology Chartek 7E offers low weight self-reinforced solutions for the oil and gas industry. Suitable for use on steel up to 80°C (176°F) and fully compatible with the Chartek range, Chartek 7E uses the industry 2.33 to 1 mix ratio complying with standardised application equipment.
Chartek 8E Chartek 8E is an enhanced version of the tried and tested Chartek 8 technology platform and is a high performance, low applied weight, two component epoxy intumescent designed to protect steel against the effects of both pool and jet fires. Chartek 8E is ideal for steel substrates where continuous operating temperatures up to 120°C (248°F) are used. Providing low installed weight passive fire protection solutions, Chartek 8E is also free of any reprotoxic substances, such as boric acid or borates.
Chartek 7 Chartek 7 is a high performance two pack epoxy intumescent coating that offers pool and jet fire protection for the onshore and offshore markets whilst also providing long term corrosion protection. Chartek 7 has an exceptional 20 year proven track record across 6 continents and over 1000 installations covering more than 6 million square metres. Chartek 7 is the most certified epoxy intumescent passive fire protection. Suitable for use on steel up to 80°C (176°F), it is extremely tolerant to environmental and application process conditions and has a low practical applied density.
Chartek 1709 Chartek 1709 is a two pack epoxy intumescent coating that offers long term corrosion and pool fire protection for the onshore oil and gas industry. Chartek 1709 is qualified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ANSI/UL 1709 and provides durable low weight protection against pool fires which also deliver real lifecycle cost savings by reducing on-going maintenance.