Gardwell's Facility at Ellough is the largest in the region and covers a vast scope of works in relation to pre treatment and protective coatings.

The facility at Ellough comprises of 6 indirect forced air heated paint shops all with individual protective coating spray equipment so a multitude of work can be coated simultaneously. All paint shops have ambient meters installed to record all temperature data which is then downloaded to the computer system for reporting purposes.

Every work process is carried out in a controlled environment using the latest paint inspection and testing. Please see the inspection & testing tab for more details.

All work entering the paint shops exit our 1500 sft blast chamber to a covered lay down area so that no work enters the external atmosphere prior to surface treatment. 






Site 1

A (3) 2.214 - Fire & Safety Plan - Site 1 - Issue 4 AY dec15-page-001




Gardwell Birds Eye

photo 1

Paint Shop 1

30m L x 12m W x 8m H

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Paint Shop 2

30m L x 12m W x 8m H


Paint Shop 3

18m L x 12m W x 8m H

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Paint Shop 4

15m L x 8.5m W x 5m H

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Paint Shop 5

15m L x 8.5m W x 5m H


Paint Shop 6

15m L x 8.5m W x 5m H

Steel Grit

Blast Bay 1

14m L x 7m W x 4.6m H


Expendable Abrasive

Blast Bay 2

6m L x 2.4m W x 2.4m H

DSC00341 (2)

Thermal Shop 1

6m L x 4.8m W x 2.4m H


Thermal Shop 2

18m L x 12m W x 8m H

Land Rig 3

Overview of Yards


Site 2

A (3) 2.215 - Fire and Safety Plan Site 2 airoblast issue 4 jan 16-page-001




Airoblast Birds Eye

Picture 012

Powder Coating Facility

24m L x 10m W x 6m H

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Paint Shop 1

13m L x 19m W

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Expendable Abrasive

Blast Bay 1

16m L x 4.8m W x 5.4m H

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Thermal Coatings 1

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Overview of Yards


Site 3

Pro-Tec Birds eye


Paint Shop 1

60m L x 12m W x 10m H


Blast Bay 1

14m L x 9m W x 5m H


Overview of Yards