The nature of our industry has an impact on the environment. All Gardwell sites have full Permits from the Governing bodies to operate operations. 
 Gardwell is continually improving FACILTITIES – EQUIPMENT – ENCAPSULATION – AWARENESS to try and reduce the environmental impact.

All substances are controlled and through equipment, work procedures , Gardwell operates and continually has plans in place to reduce the impact on the environment. Key points are listed:

  • Solvent recycling
  • Fugitive emissions
  • High volume pumps to increase high solid and low solvent coating products
  • New LED lighting where possible
  • Better use of production space to reduce heating
  • Housekeeping
  • Waste recylcing
  • Daily communication to operatives
  • Encapsulation of production processes.
  • Logistical planning
  • Air system improvements to reduce KW power.
  • More electronic data reducing hard data
  • Changing from high carbon footprint air power to cleaner electric power.
  • Improving production and planning to reduce equipment usage & waste in every respect.

16 KEY Implementations in 2014 in respects to the environment

  • Installation of Low KW electric compressor to produce same CFM & BAR for blast operations – Saving 25KW per hour – saving 117,000.00 KWPA
  • Installtion of 2 x new insulated roofs over 3 paint shops to reduce heat loss
  • Installtion of Heated air ducts in to 2 paint shops from Electric compressor to reduce oil fired heaters during operations
  • Instalation of new heater blowing warm air in to paint shops with reduce oil consumtion
  • Installation of new LED lighting saving 13500KW per hour saving 50,000KWPA of electric
  • Procurement of low KW electric spray pumps to reduce compressor KW consumption when demand is not required
  • Recycling contract for recycled solvents and installation of procedures and equipment to reduce solvent use and waste
  • Increase of paint shops to reduce force drying of coatings reducing fuel intakes and carbon footprint
  • Better planning and reduced logistics with better packing allowing for a reduction of around 30000 miles PA in haulage
  • Increase awareness to operators on their impact on the environment
  • Procurement and fitting of new doors on paint shops retaining heat , reducing contamination inturn reducing our carbon footprint
  • Primer stores insulated thus saving 3KW of heat per hour on 26208 KWPA
  • Twin pumps fitted in major paint shops to reduce paint lines and coating and solvent waste
  • Improving or awareness and change of client specifications to higher solid coatings or generic coatings which quantifiable reduces product waste, solvent, emiisions
  • New computer system installed to save more electronically and reduce hard copy documentation
  • All paint pumps in bunded trays to reduce spills and damage to installation fabric


Gardwell operates management systems to comply and is certified to the standard of:
ISO 9001-2008
ISO 14001
ISO 18001